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Model M371100-00

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MindWare's Impedance Cardiograph and GSC (Galvanic Skin Conductance) Amplifier can be used to measure impedance cardiography and skin conductance signals. It measures ECG, Z0 (thoracic impedance), dZ/dt (1st derivative of Z0) and GSC. This unit is perfect for studies that require sympathetic, parasympathetic and cardiac function measures.

This Amplifier is interchangeable between any of the three BioNex models. No hardware / software setup is needed by the user. Simply install the card and BioNex software will recognize the module and setup the software automatically.

This modules on-board memory permits the storage and retention of personalized setups, i.e. gains, offsets and other parameters after power is shut off. Customer information and / or custom data can be stored, in memory, at the time of manufacturing. Please contact MindWare for more details.

Impedance Cardiography is currently employed in clinical cardiology and as well as psychophysiological studies of autonomic cardiac control in human performance contexts. Parameters of relevance include both the systolic time interval and the pre-ejection period (PEP) which indexes myocardial contractility and hence is sensitive to variations in sympathetic control.


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