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Model MW50-4500

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Large Joint Angle

The Large Joint Angle ShapeSensor is a comfortable, rugged, bipolar joint angle sensor that can withstand a 2 meter drop onto concrete. A covered metal flexure, instrumented with an optical fiber sensor, is mounted adjacent to the joint. It can be used on the knee, arm, or any single degree of freedom joint.

Stand Alone

Apply your own regulated power supply, 5 to 15 volts. The output is a high level signal, ratiometric with the supply voltage, that requires no additional signal conditioning. This sensor is ready to make measurements right out of the box. A mounting kit offers convenient, easy to use, one size fits many, velcro straps and double sided adhesive tape.


The Large Joint Angle, a 12 bit data acquisition system, is available in four, eight and sixteen channel versions, and includes a 12 bit A/D converter and Windows software allowing the display and storage of sensor data. Power for up to sixteen sensors is supplied by the A/D.

The Large Joint Angle ShapeSensor can be made from non-metallic materials for operation in magnetic-sensitive and explosive environments. The Large Joint Angle can also be made splash proof.


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