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Model MW50-4506

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Cost-effective probes measure temperature with interchangeable thermistors, a highly accurate temperature technology that YSI invented and perfected over the decades. This thermal expertise, in combination with regulatory experience, manufacturing automation, and custom capability, positions Measurement Specialties as a leader in temperature measurement for healthcare facilities.

As demands on healthcare providers increase, healthcare professionals are taking the lead in finding answers to cost versus quality issues. Measurement Specialties Precision reusable probes are a sensible solution, offering substantial reductions in cost with no trade-off in quality.


  • Measurement Specialties temperature probes deliver continuous, high-precision measurement Repeatability
  • Every Measurement Specialties probe is traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Interchangeability
  • Measurement Specialties patented manufacturing techniques ensure that probes are interchangeable within the same series

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