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Model 70330

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A basic starter kit to cover most of your needs as a new Sportvision practitioner, including

  • The Eye Bright Test for colour preference
  • Dynamic Fixator Test Mk II


  • Artists Carrier Case - Portfolio For Test Charts
  • Brock String
  • Clip board
  • Howell Distance and Near Phoria Cards and 6D Prism
  • LogMar check card
  • Pair of LogMAR High and Low Contrast 6m test charts
  • Lux Meter
  • Pilot Bag - for small items and paper work
  • Power Lock 8 m rule
  • Sportfair 06 Notes
  • Sport Vision References
  • Sport Vision Screening Manual
  • Stop Watch
  • Vergence Trainers Dinosaur cards

To which should be added from normal optometry practice equipment: Stereopsis (TNO), Retinoscope, Trial Case, Mallet Unit Near, Mallet Unit Distance, Ishihara colour vision test.


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