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Model 35580*C

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The Model 35580*C is the same as Model 35580 except that it supports 220VAC 50/60Hz AC input.

When mounted on a series of tripods and connected to a photocell, the Bassin Anticipation Timer Model 35575 is modified for a more complex task. The goal is to time the approach of the light with the swing of a bat so that the infrared beam is broken at the same time that the light reaches the end of the runway. This unit could be applicable for a bat swing, tennis swing, or even a soccer kick. The control box displays in milliseconds, the amount of time that the swing or kick was too early or too late.

Bassin Anticipation Timer System includes

  • 1- Bassin Timer Kit, Model 35575
  • 2- Tripods for mounting the runway, Models 09850 and 63504
  • 1- Photocell Control, Model 63501IR
  • 1- Hardware Kit, Model 31201HC
  • 1- Modified Bassin setup guide

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