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Model MW60-1101

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The MindWare Technologies' Impedance Cardiography Application gives life sciences researchers a powerful, fast and easy-to-use research tool that works directly with industry standard data formats, instruments and standard desktop applications.

The new MindWare 3.0 Analysis Applications adds many significant upgrades to our respected signal processing suite. All of the MindWare Analysis Applications now include a full featured A/V playback tool (.mpeg). This playback is synchronized with the data collected and displays a movable cursor on the data that is time correlated to the video.  The configuration screen and analysis / event mode interface have been completely transformed into a single streamlined interface. The new applications also feature the ability to output to text files and excel documents or both.

The overall look and feel of the applications has been improved to compliment and integrate with the MindWare BioLab Acquisition software and hardware and utilize their full power and flexibility.


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