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HALO Digital Goniometer

HALO Digital Goniometer
Model 01131

HALO, is the next Generation digital goniometer for Joint Measurement. It is both an Inclinometer and Goniometer. A single hand function allowing you to support your patients limb while you measure OR you can record your results with your free hand.


Purdue Pegboard Test

Purdue Pegboard Test
Model 32020A

The Purdue Pegboard has been used extensively to aid in the selection of employees for jobs that require fine and gross motor dexterity and coordination by measuring gross movements of hands, fingers and arms, and fingertip dexterity as necessary in assembly tasks.


Photoelectric Rotary Pursuit with 220VAC/50Hz Power Supply

Photoelectric Rotary Pursuit with 220VAC/50Hz Power Supply
Model 30014C*C

The photoelectric rotary pursuit may be used to assess general perceptual motor learning.


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